Arako Supplies Valves to USA for the Mattawoman Project

Arako, valve manufacturer, part of the Russian group Atomenergomash, has supplied pickling and blow-out devices of new design for the project of construction of combined-cycle natural gas power plant “Mattawoman” via their customer Siemens Energy. Once completed, this power plant will be able to supply energy for about 859,000 homes in the Maryland / Washington D.C. metropolitan area, with an output of 859 MW. 

Panda Power Funds intends to build, own and operate an 859 MW combined-cycle natural gas power plant in the industrial zone in Brandywine, Maryland. The Panda Mattawoman power plant will use advanced emission control technology, and is expected to contribute about USD $1.2 billion to the local economy during construction and the plant’s first 10 years of operation. The gas plant will create approximately 700-800 jobs in building industry, 25 permanent jobs to run the facility and 32 support jobs outside the facility.
The special product made in Arako – pickling and blow-out device, was newly designed and modified in 2020 to better meet the requirements of Siemens Energy Global and delivered in mid 2020 to projects in Japan and Pakistan.
Image credit: Arako
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