Allweiler Pumps Aid Power Vessel Construction Project

In designing a new powership for its global fleet of ‘floating power plants,’ Turkish company Karpowership needed an extensive shipset of 72 pumps, each capable of withstanding harsh marine conditions and continuous uptime. The company ultimately selected to source the entire shipset of pumps from the CIRCOR family of brands, which were able to specify and design the pumps to the ship’s rigorous demands. Once launched, the powership will supply continuous power production for remote, underserved areas of the world, and will be able to receive top-quality service from the pump manufacturer regardless of where it is anchored. 

Over the span of approximately eight months, CIRCOR Allweiler has designed, built, supplied, and installed the several different pump types critical to the functioning of the new powership. This includes sludge pumps in a screw pump design, heavy fuel oil transfer pumps in a two-screw pump design, primary and auxiliary seawater cooling pumps in a centrifugal pump design, and lube oil pumps in a three-screw pump design. The project will conclude in late 2020, at which point the vessel will begin to travel, supplying power to communities and businesses with few alternative power access options. 

The powership collaboration between CIRCOR and Karpowership is an ongoing one, as the project is due to be completed late in 2020. The extensive pump knowledge and manufacturing capacity held by CIRCOR’s family of brands means that Karpowership was able to specify an entire 72-pump shipset from a single supplier, to tailor each pump to its specific application within the ship, and to receive service and support throughout the world once the vessel is launched. 

Courtesy of CIRCOR.
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