Ahlsell Norge Buys Intec Pumper

Intec Pumper specializes in pump technology and various pump solutions and has a completely unique expertise in a specialist area in which Ahlsell wants to grow. With increased population growth and urbanization that place greater demands on infrastructure, in parallel with climate change that creates an increased need for transport and purification of water, the company notices that there is great potential for good solutions in this area going forward.

Through the acquisition, Ahlsell Norge gains 32 new colleagues with special expertise in pump technology in a company that has a very good position in the market and is known as a quality supplier, says Runar Hansesætre, CEO of Ahlsell.

For both Intec Pumper and Ahlsell, the acquisition is about creating an even better offer for customers. Going forward, Intec Pumper’s customers will have access to Ahlsell’s wide product range and superb logistics offer, while Ahlsell’s customers will experience to an even greater extent that they get “everything in one place”

“Ever since we started, we have prioritized delivery precision, reliability and quality products. Ahlsell is known for being good at these points themselves, so when they came on board we knew that this acquisition was going to be a boost for all our customers, says Ole Andre Hellem, who is general manager and owner of Intec Pumper.

Intec Pumper’s success is based on products and solutions professional customers trust, as well as competent and service-oriented employees. All this will continue, and together we will now ensure an even better offer for professionals in the industry. We expect that the acquisition will add muscle to both parties from day one, adds division director Therese Bjelde.

Courtesy of Ahlsell Norge.

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Sara Mathov is a feature editor contributing to Fugitive Emissions Journal, Stainless steel World Americas, and other related print & online media.